Mystery Shopping

We can help you with your mystery shopping program. We can provide the full service or you can use our services:

  • Mystery Shopping visit

  • Business intelligence

  • Mystery Call

  • Mystery Audit

  • Store Check

Qualitative research

We can moderate the groups ourselves and we can provide respondents in target. We can cover a full range of qualitative research methodologies with a bespoke program to your specific needs. You can require a full service or we can help you with recruitment, moderation, interviewing using our facility (LINK) You can watch the groups or the interviews through our web streaming system.

  • All qualitative (and quantitative) methodologies

  • Focus group

  • Telephone in depth interviews (TDI)

  • Face To Face in depth interviews (IDI)

  • Ethnography observation

  • Diary

  • Online blogs

  • Product test

Quantitative research

We can provide the full service but we can help you also with interviewers, panel, translation and reporting. We own a mobile platform with an APP for cloud interviews.

  • CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) We own a CATI center with twenty operational units. We can provide you call logs and you can access to our data real time.

  • CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing) We own a panel we can use for your cawi interviews. You can monitor all the phases through our systems.

  • Face To Face We can reach our respondents directly at their home or we can manage CLT (central location test). You can watch the interviews from our web streaming system

  • Eye tracking test

  • Shelf tests

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